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I really love the 40s, 50s and 60s films, I really love Kiss Me, Kate and Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. Just dah! Love the movie..


This is how you light one of the world's most beautiful women in the film's most emotional moments. Superb cinematography combined with her wonderful acting. Those close ups are a work of art and have endured for 75 years for a reason. It doesn't get any better than that..

8:37 WOOPS. The film prof goofed. I think he meant 1942. Not 1943.

Ingrid Bergman had such classic beauty. 


rob coffman, come on man don't shoot on TDKR, Casablanca is a classic no doubt but TDKR is an instant classic and both are incredible films..


As Morocco, airlift a civilian unit from Casablanca to Portugal's original capital.. Came from Uno!: The Movie I came here after watching La La Land. Is it weird that it reminded me of old Hollywood?


I searched “Famous Swedish people” on YouTube and Ingrid popped up that’s why I’m here







  • 1000 / 1000